Our Services


We coordinate appropriate care
in appropriate settings.

Concierge at Home has partnered with SeniorCare, Geriatric Healthcare Services to provide home visits to those clients that have unmet medical needs.  Clients that are unable to leave home to attend doctors’ appointments can access our house calls from a geriatrician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner.  Concierge at Home can coordinate these visits with the patient’s primary care physician, keeping them up to date on the patient’s clinical status.

In addition, Concierge at Home offers a virtual network of care through our association with local hospitals, nursing homes, home health agencies and assisted living facilities.  Transitions of care and coordination of our clients’ health related needs can be more efficient and less burdensome.
Additional home medical services available through our preferred providers include phlebotomy services, portable x-ray and ultrasound, audiology, registered nurses, and medical equipment suppliers.  Concierge at Home will help arrange and coordinate these services as needed.


Care Transitions are complicated.  We’re here to help.

One of the most critical times in the quest to maintain independence comes when our clients are the most vulnerable; at the time of transfer or discharge to another care setting (hospital, nursing home or returning home).  We call these Care Transitions.  Concierge at Home will be there every step of the way, serving as the client’s advocate while monitoring and coordinating the flow of necessary information, equipment and services.  Our physician advisors and pharmacy partners will provide consultation as needed to direct the client to the most appropriate situation for their current status.


Making sure you have the right 
medicine taken at the right time, 
for the right reason.

Our pharmacy partners offer a number of specialized services designed to help with the choice, delivery and administration of medications. In the complex world of formularies and generic drugs, our pharmacists offer utilization management to determine the most cost-effective alternatives available for the current and ongoing prescriptions. Through careful review of the client’s medication profile and consultation with the client’s physicians, unnecessary, unsafe or contraindicated medications can be identified and alternatives offered. Most of our partners even deliver medications to the home, eliminating those untimely trips to the pharmacy for refills.


Companions are caretakers 
and friends.

Simply put, health care does not always come from doctors and nurses.  Often times, a client will need the personalized attention of a companion or non-medical caregiver.  These companions serve as the bridge that fills the gaps in a client’s daily activity that otherwise may keep them from remaining independent.  Concierge at Home has carefully selected partners who provide a wide range of home care services from daily house keeping to escorting patients to doctors’ appointments.  Our Care Managers are skilled matchmakers, attempting to carefully match each client’s needs and personality with qualified, compatible caregivers.  This type of attention to detail can create a lasting relationship that will be one of the keys to independent living.

Because sometimes the service
 is more personal.

Independence is often interrupted by a lack of ability to obtain some of the basic personal services due to frailty, illness or isolation.  Concierge at Home will make available to our clients in their home those personalized services that promote independence and preserve dignity, security and contentment.  Services such as personal shoppers, personal trainers, beauticians, nutritionists and home cooked meals can be readily available and coordinated through our preferred provider network.


Making the appropriate adjustments
for a suitable home environment.

Home modifications are changes made to adapt living spaces to meet the needs of people with physical limitations so that they can continue to live independently and safely. These modifications may include adding assistive devices or making structural changes to a home. Modifications can range from something as simple as replacing cabinet doorknobs with pull handles or full-scale construction projects that require installing wheelchair ramps and widening doorways. The Concierge at Home preferred partners can assess our clients needs and modify the home to provide a safe and functional environment for continued independence.

Connecting clients and caregivers through Technology: safety, efficiency and peace of mind.
Staying independent at home can be challenging without the help of additional monitoring to provide oversight and safety.  With today’s technology, the right device or system can bridge the gap of independence versus isolation.

Safety and Healthcare Monitoring

  • Simple safety devices such as pendants or bracelets
  • Monitoring sensors, cameras and a host of advanced independent technologies are available now to empower seniors through wireless technologies for independent living and caregiver peace of mind
  • Blood sugar and vital sign monitoring devices can work in conjunction with our medical providers to manage chronic medical conditions at home
  • Automated Devices can provide support for Medication Administration


  • Families, caregivers, and physicians can access information and monitor changes via web based programs.



We help you manage the health of your legal and financial affairs.

Living Wills, Powers of Attorney, and estate planning are integral parts of a well-coordinated long-term plan to maintain independence.  Concierge at Home has selected Elder Law Attorneys and Financial Advisors with extensive experience in these areas.  As part of the process of our initial assessment, the financial and legal issues will be identified and addressed in the plan of care.  A well thought out plan with in depth scrutiny of available resources is essential to successfully maintaining independence.