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15 Things People Don’t Realize About Depression

According to Mark Bello with Living Safer many people believe depression is easily identifiable manifesting itself as persistent sadness that doesn’t go away. They make assumptions how someone with depression will look or behave. So why do a number of people fail to spot the signs? The signs are ignored from the dramatic and obvious […]

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Healthcare, the free market is winning?

Here is some news I guarantee you will not here much about at all this election year.  Health care costs are stabilizing.  After sky rocketing for decades, health care costs have been cooling off for about 10 years now.  From the latest post on The health care blog: “…newly released data through 2010 show that health […]

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Throwing money at the problem, a good thing?

For your reflection here is an op/ed piece from the Raleigh News and Observer titled Sense, savings, presented almost in it’s entirety: Many folks with elderly relatives in assisted living facilities or nursing homes are familiar with the routine: a problem with a resident, perhaps congestion or something fairly easy to diagnose, is discovered. The […]

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Fat folks, fat dogs, Paula Deen and You

No time for in-depth discussion on anything today.  But there were some topics I wanted to comment on: 1.  Congratulations America, you are  not getting as fat as fast as you used to!  According to government data, global obesity is leveling off.  No one knows why, but the meteoric rise in obesity levels has plateaued. […]

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Beat by the Little Old Ladies from Pasadeena

It’s January, and most Americans are making resolutions that this year will be the year they finally  (Fill in the blank)  .  Exercising more is near the top for most folks.  If it’s not one of your goals, I highly recommend you consider it, no matter your age. My original plan for this weeks blog was to […]

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The Christmas Blues (B.B. King not included)

Joyous non-denominational holiday gift giving season! This is supposed to be The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year, but for many folks it’s a very difficult time.  The hustle and bustle of Christmas in general can wear anyone out.  The holidays can be tough on our more seasoned citizens, which is the subject of a […]

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Coach without a whistle

T’is the season of Christmas parties, and a fairly standard question at any festive get-to-together is, “How’s the Eggnog?”  A good answer is: “Eggnog is bad for you, the only thing worse here is that bottled water from the Super-Fund site.  Try the green tea instead.” Another question is: “What do you do for a […]

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Venting your spleen, pt 1

I have been on numerous home visits, and one of the things I have learned to pick up on is the stress level of The Caretaker.  The job of caring for your loved one 24/7/365 is immensely taxing emotionally, physically, financially and even spiritually.  I’m not saying it’s a picnic being the patient, by no […]

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