15 Things People Don’t Realize About Depression

According to Mark Bello with Living Safer many people believe depression is easily identifiable manifesting itself as persistent sadness that doesn’t go away. They make assumptions how someone with depression will look or behave. So why do a number of people fail to spot the signs? The signs are ignored from the dramatic and obvious to the subtle and the secret. Some think that all geriatric patients should be sad. After all they are old! Not so. So read these 15 clues so you will not be clueless and you will be able to spot the not so obvious signs of depression.

  1. You just want to stay in bed. Or you may suffer from insomnia or forgetfulness.
  2. You associate your afternoon slump with the need for caffeine.
  3. You confuse depression with sadness.
  4. You try to put on a façade that everything is ok that is exhaustive.
  5. You have difficulty communicating your emotions.
  6. You harbor negative energy inside and the only way to release it is to lash out at others.
  7. You have mood swings without cause.
  8. You stop socializing and pull away from friends and family.
  9. You feel worthless and unloved and may be considering harming yourself.
  10. You have trouble concentrating on tasks, whether work or conversation.
  11. You engage in behaviors that signal “masked depression” to forget your problems.
  12. You assume your depression is contributing to chronic pain or a medical illness.
  13. You have a hard time responding to affection and concern from others.
  14. You work harder, not smarter.
  15. You are experiencing a marked slowing down of your motor responses such as hand eye coordination.

Depression is a illness – a chemical imbalance in the brain that takes more than a band aid approach to fix. Know that depression is highly treatable. If you have five symptoms that have lasted two weeks or more it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible. If you are a SeniorCare patient call today for an appointment and seek to live a vibrant healthy life and Age STRONG! Bobbie Harrison – Geriatric Care Manager


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