Throwing money at the problem, a good thing?

For your reflection here is an op/ed piece from the Raleigh News and Observer titled Sense, savings, presented almost in it’s entirety:

Many folks with elderly relatives in assisted living facilities or nursing homes are familiar with the routine: a problem with a resident, perhaps congestion or something fairly easy to diagnose, is discovered. The ambulance is called, and the resident goes through the strain and trauma of a trip to the emergency room.

Once treated, he or she can return to the facility.

It’s always made sense, of course, to try to treat people where they are when they run into a manageable health crisis. But nursing homes and assisted living facilities sometimes feel their ability to offer care is limited, and thus choose what they believe is the safe route, the hospital. That is not necessarily a bad decision, but it’s tough on the resident and expensive.

Now, Wake County seeks to get almost $1 million in a federal grant from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid to speed along a program that will enable people who run into such health crises to be treated where they are.


The wisdom of this type of treatment is simple and strong. It saves time and trauma and money and can be just as effective as a hospital trip, particularly when one considers the long waiting times in emergency rooms. The cost saving to the public (meaning less expense for Medicare and Medicaid) and for individuals is a bonus…

I like stories like that one.  People studying new ways to make health care better, smarter. For once, possibly, your tax dollars going to good use.

There are other such stories, some that soon hopefully Concierge at Home will be involved in with.  (We’ve submitted paperwork and everything!)   Stay tuned!
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