Fat folks, fat dogs, Paula Deen and You

No time for in-depth discussion on anything today.  But there were some topics I wanted to comment on:

1.  Congratulations America, you are  not getting as fat as fast as you used to!  According to government data, global obesity is leveling off.  No one knows why, but the meteoric rise in obesity levels has plateaued.

Adult waistlines haven’t expanded since 2003, according to the study, which analyzed data from the CDC’s National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey from 2009-2010 and compared them to data from earlier periods. More specifically, women haven’t gotten any more obese than they were in 1999, while the rate for men hasn’t changed significantly since 2003.

Overall, children also don’t appear to have gotten heavier. The U.S. childhood obesity rate has leveled off in recent years after more than tripling since the early 1980s.

“It’s really pretty flat,” Katherine Flegal, a CDC epidemiologist and an author of both studies, says of the obesity rates in recent years. And, tells the Health Blog, “this is happening all over the world.”

The researchers aren’t sure why. Could it possibly be that people finally realized that the western diet is terrible for you, and will now embrace fruits, vegetables and exercise?

……yeah, I didn’t think so either.

2.   Do you wonder  why Nestle is spending millions on diet food for dogs, complete with exercise recommendations?  Is it because they realized the western diet is terrible for you, and your dog?  My guess would be: “No.”  They simply want to make money off of you and your fat dog, that’s why.  Take you and your dog for a walk, you’ll both feel better, lose weight and contribute to the obesity plateau.

3.  Paula Deen.  I do not understand the self righteous media backlash over her announcement that she has diabetes.  No one forces anyone to cook with that much butter.  You do it because you want to.

Wait, she only announced she had the disease when she was going to become a highly paid spokesperson for a drug that costs around $500 a month? OK, maybe I understand the backlash a little better.

(personally I have no problems with Victoza, though I wish more people would take their dog for a walk)

That’s all for today.  I leave the rest for you, please comment below!



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