Beat by the Little Old Ladies from Pasadeena

It’s January, and most Americans are making resolutions that this year will be the year they finally  (Fill in the blank)  .  Exercising more is near the top for most folks.  If it’s not one of your goals, I highly recommend you consider it, no matter your age.

My original plan for this weeks blog was to site just a few articles highlight exercise in seniors and the benefits.  Something quick and easy, like this article from the American Family Physician website.  They did most of the work for me, so read their piece for all of the numbers and statistics.

Doing my own search through the medical literature, I found over 2700 articles all published within the last ten years discussing the benefits of exercise in people over 80 years of age!  (here, try it for yourself: PubMed)

Personally though, here is the best evidence I can give you that you, me, everybody should exercise from now till you’re pushing up daisies.  I ran a 15K race in Central Park during a trip to New York City last month.  The top finishers by age in the 70+ categories all beat me.  Here’s a look :

MEN age 70 – 74

  1. J. Leitz 72  1:18:49
  2. A. Nilles 70  1:20:38
  3. J. L Saley 71  1:25:34
  4. A. L Gore 70  1:27:32
  5. R. Tovar 70  1:27:39

MEN age 75-79

  1. G. Hirsch 77   1:19:10
  2. A. Finger 77   1:21:35
  3. J. Schmid 77  1:35:22
  4. D. Farkash 75  1:44:40

WOMEN age 70 – 74

  1. F. Paine 71  1:44:14
  2. L. Blackstone 71 1:44:25


My humble results:  1:43:14

I managed to beat the 71 year old ladies by less than one second.  This is my motivation to keep running and keep moving for the next several decades.  We’ll talk more about that later, but now I have to run to the gym.

Feel free to leave your comments below.  Thanks!


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