Venting your spleen, pt 1

I have been on numerous home visits, and one of the things I have learned to pick up on is the stress level of The Caretaker.  The job of caring for your loved one 24/7/365 is immensely taxing emotionally, physically, financially and even spiritually.  I’m not saying it’s a picnic being the patient, by no means.  But the lonely vigil of the husband watching over his wife, or the daughter watching over her mother is one of my top priorities when we do our home assessments.

Often it helps just to have some one to talk to, or fuss at, or generally vent your spleen.  Even though medicare does not reimburse my time for it, I regularly give patients, family members (and often co-workers)  time and space to get things off their chest.  It’s good medicine.

So when I found the The Anger Wall – Forum, I thought I would pass it along to everybody.  It’s a forum dedicated to spleen venting, caretakers and other family members getting a chance to yell, scream and generally get it all out of their system to an audience of folks going through similar problems.  (Warning, the content can at times get a little PG-13, sometimes higher).

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